omgspectra said: Is 'Dream Again' a reference to 'Angels and Demons'? The verses in 'Dream' sound like each character from A&D has their own part to say. Am I looking into this too far or was it intentional?

As I always say, my songs have many meanings and they’re left open ended so people can find their own meaning in them. But Angels and Demons didn’t influence it directly, no.

citizen-smil3y said: So after listening to Reach (all along) ft 4everfreebrony over and over again I noticed that there is a sound in the very benign that resembles clanking keys or change. Was this intentional or a simple mistake? Either way I find it fascinating and it in no way takes away from the rest of the song.

That’s a synth actually, with some ambient high-end frequencies that sound like “sparkles” or “magic” or whatever you’d like to hear them as. Really, they mostly do just sound like keys. xD

Anonymous said: Do you accept steam friend requests from fans?

I usually do, and I love to (I play Gmod with random fans sometimes) but my friends list is currently full. :(

Anonymous said: Would you mind sharing what plugin you use for your strings?

I use Kontakt 5 with a plethora of string sample libraries. Symphobia and Session Strings make up most of my “filler” strings, background chords and such, but my favorite are the Embertone Libraries. Not many people use those, but they’re the best I’ve found as far as realism goes.

omgspectra said: Where did you get those strobe-light glasses you had at EFNW? I want a pair!

Those weren’t mine actually, I grabbed them off a guy that I met earlier. xD

Wait a minute…



First, there was


Then there was


Then there was


THEN there was


AND NOW there is



coming soon, a new film by aviators and tarby


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Anonymous said: A sheet music book? That's awesome! Can you try that with 'Someone Like Me', 'Something To Give' and 'Where I Belong' maybe? I'd really appreciate it!

Something to Give is wicked simple, as it’s just literally five chords through the song, but the other two are definitely going in there!

firestarian said: Was Assemblage 23 an inspiration for Ghosts in the Code (song) ? The opening definitely reminded me of their style.

Nope, but Linkin Park definitely was!

Anonymous said: Have you ever considered releasing the sheet music for 'Find Me'? It is quite possibly the most beautiful piece I've ever heard on a piano and would very much like to replicate it.

I’m thinking about making an actual book of sheet music, because people seem to really want certain songs, especially Find Me. That’ll probably be my next merch project. xD

Also, this is an open invitation for people to suggest music they want in a sheet music book.

Anonymous said: Building better worlds eh? Sounds like you've been playing to much terraria! #ItsTimeToAviators