New single from Ghosts in the Code! It’s very different from my usual stuff, but that’s part of the purpose of the song. Go take a listen! :3

spirit0fchaos asked: I noticed you've been using a new symbol in your uploaded videos lately, going from the triangle to a squashed diamond thing. Just wondering if there was a reason for that. Thanks!

The triangle isn’t very original, and the big A isn’t exactly new. xD I’m just experimenting with a new branding logo.

stubyproductions asked: youve probabpy been asked this before, but are you going to bronycon this year? (please say yes)

Maybe! I really don’t know yet. The only for sure thing is Everfree Northwest.



florida is a godless place. I went there once, got in the ocean, and immediately had to evacuate because a bull shark was swimming right towards me. there was an alligator on the side of the freeway. meth addicts and men on tractors roam free. florida is america’s australia

I grew up in Florida. Please don’t insult Australia like that.

I can confirm this is true.

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Experimenting with a new hobby.

I’m playing around with some game development for iOS. Hopefully I’ll actually get the hang of it. xD