These are some snippets from orchestral and soundtrack pieces I have worked on.

This is here to demonstrate the work I do. If you like what you hear and you need a soundtrack composed for something, email me

citizen-smil3y said: So I see that you have unofficially announced your last brony remix album. Is this a subtle hint of the possible end of brony music from you? That's just me jumping to conclusions but in any case if you do stop producing brony music than that's fine with me. I just hope you don't decide to stop producing music all together cuz that would be a big loss of amazing talent /:

The music is only going to continue! However, I’m blurring the line between brony music, other fan music, and my own originals. My last few albums have had different themes and inspirations all mixed together, and my remix albums will do the same, if I decide to do more. I’m not stopping music, or brony music even, just making it less of a “here’s my pony songs” thing and instead presenting things as “here’s my music.”

lunarmarshall said: If you don;t mind asking any plans for EQR 4?

It’ll actually be called Equestrian Uprising, and it’ll be the final brony remix album, a “finale” to the Equestrian Revolution series if you will.

henning-a said: Just wondering, why did you sign the CITC CDs with a dark blue pen? I mean, it looks kinda cool under a light from a certain angle, but wouldn't silver or gold be a better choice? Anyway, thank you for signing it. Can't tell you enough how much I love this album! It made the last hours of my birthday REALLY enjoyable! Have a great summer!! <3

My silver pen stopped working halfway through signing. xD Hopefully it’s still somewhat visible. I’m glad you’re loving the album!

citizen-smil3y said: Hey Avi? Do you make 100% of your music on the computer or do you actually record some of it? I play electric guitar and all the guitar I have heard in your songs are really really accurate!!

There’s really nothing like a real guitar. xD All the guitars and basses (other than dubstep-like basses) are real in my songs.



only ~7% of bronies want to be successful and confident business owners
but ~37% of bronies want to be a nerd princess

I don’t wanna be a whiny bitch.

May I point out that this “nerd princess” has magical powers strong enough to destroy mountains and battle ancient gods? I think that’s where most of the votes are coming from!

Anonymous said: Was the party song inspired by party , mov?

In a way, yes. The song is about a humanized Pinkie experiencing the problem with partying all the time… It’s deadly. Considering that’s essentially what Party.MOV is about, they’re basically conveying the same story. The Party Song takes place in the human world where partying can kill you, and PARTY.MOV just takes place in some alternate universe where everything is horrible. xD

omgspectra said: Is 'Dream Again' a reference to 'Angels and Demons'? The verses in 'Dream' sound like each character from A&D has their own part to say. Am I looking into this too far or was it intentional?

As I always say, my songs have many meanings and they’re left open ended so people can find their own meaning in them. But Angels and Demons didn’t influence it directly, no.

citizen-smil3y said: So after listening to Reach (all along) ft 4everfreebrony over and over again I noticed that there is a sound in the very benign that resembles clanking keys or change. Was this intentional or a simple mistake? Either way I find it fascinating and it in no way takes away from the rest of the song.

That’s a synth actually, with some ambient high-end frequencies that sound like “sparkles” or “magic” or whatever you’d like to hear them as. Really, they mostly do just sound like keys. xD