Anonymous said: So you play guitar, bass, piano, used to play violin... Anything else? You're like a living one man band. Do you by chance have in mind to learn to play other instruments o are already in the process for some?

I’m not really any kind of master, I just dabble a lot. xD I would definitely like to learn other instruments, but first I want to get a lot better at the piano.

Anonymous said: Are you aware that this guy on Youtube is making "remixes" of your songs, that are really just slightly sped up? I'm not sure if you really mind, but it sure does annoy me that he seems to be taking your music and calling it his own. If you want to take a look, his channel is ChaosKaraoke201. :P

Honestly, that’s a really cheap and lame way to remix stuff, and it’s possibly the laziest kind of of “music” there is. I’m not going to pursue any legal action against him though, as he’s giving credit where it’s due. He DOES have some original works on his channel, so I’ll let him go on his merry way and do whatever he wants.

Anonymous said: When will Bullet for a Dream be available on iTunes? Just asking, because I really like the song. c:

Do you mean Bulletproof? Bullet For A Dream is just a quick mashup I did, not an official song. Bulletproof IS on itunes though!

Anonymous said: I was just wondering, I already know you play bass and guitar in your songs (btw, nice new guitar), but do you also happen to play piano? I mean, the piano chords in Where I Belong sound really good. Also, I know you play (or at least played when you were younger) the violin. Did that ever end up in a song or will it ever (a song about Octavia maybe *hint*)?

I do play piano, and the only song that I’ve ever entirely played by hand is in fact “Where I Belong”. xD Other songs such as Someone Like Me have hand-played piano that’s edited later. And haven’t played Violin for about 10 years, so while it did help me learn music theory, I haven’t really retained the skills over the past decade. I would someday like to learn again, though.

Video Game Theme Suggestions

I’m midway through the video game music medley I’m doing, and I’m having trouble thinking up new songs to write in. What are some really good, recognizable, main themes from video games (besides Mario and Zelda) that you’d like to hear?

I noticed that Bulletproof and Lux Aeterna have the same chord progression, and this happened.

nightstrikebrony said: Thank you! Do you by chance have a ref sheet of your pony I could send to him please?

Sadly I don’t, just fanart people have done. :/

nightstrikebrony said: Hello Aviators! I have a quick question. Do you by chance know a artist named Sour Lemonade, mod of Ask Libra? The reason I ask is because I would like to request him a commission featuring my OC and, if possible with your permission, your OC/ponysona. The pic would simply be a pic of my pony asking yours for a autograph. X3

I don’t know the artist, but you’re welcome to!