Reasons people hate me:

1. I’m more popular than them.
2. I don’t respond to every single one of my ~200 emails a day.
3. I’m a Christian, and people think I’m a stereotypical religious person who goes around judging people.
4. I don’t give all of my music away for free.
5. I don’t tolerate trash-talking or bad language in my chatrooms, streams, etc.
6. I’m not into R34 or clopping.

Okay, now I’ll list why each one is completely unreasonable. [RANT AHEAD]

1. I’m not that popular. Even thought I have a few thousand subs doesn’t mean I’m any more special than someone with zero.
2. I can’t dedicate every second of my life to replying to all the people wanting me to take a listen to their music and people wanting to collab with me. If your email isn’t worth replying to, I won’t.
3. Just because I have religious beliefs doesn’t make me weird. We all believe in something, and what we believe in affects the decisions we make. I DO NOT judge people, and I live a life of love and tolerance, I don’t go around condemning people.
4. Making music is an expensive hobby. I don’t work much anymore outside of my music, so I need an income to buy equipment!
5. I always like to keep things family-friendly. I’d like to think that there are still SOME places on the Internet that are safe for kids. If I ask someone to stop f-bombing or whatever, that shouldn’t be such a big deal.
6. Clop stuff is really not my thing. Not at all. If you’re into it, to each his own, but don’t shove R34 in my face, and don’t freak when I say that I don’t clop. I don’t have to just because I’m a brony/teenager.

*sigh* Had to get that off my chest. Anyways, I have but one thing to say to you haters who hate me for whatever reason:

I love you.